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Technolust tease..


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That sweet piece of gear sat taunting me.. In my cart... For weeks. If not months... Sometimes I'd click the payment button, then withdraw at the last moment.. Leary of making the investment..

Finally, on a vulnerable evening.. Meaning, I had a little to much to drink.. I pulled the trigger.. Once I made the commitment the deep dive began.. Github.. Docs.. Modules.. Ingesting as much as I could in anticipation of getting my hands on such nice booty.. 

Then one foggy xmas day.. But it was the day after.. An email came to me.. Letting me know a shipping label had been created! Oh man.. It's on it's way!

Nope.. Just Hak5 teasing me.. As now 3 days later It's just a label.. Nothing but a stinking label...

Now I just wanna go build openwrt on a custom router with the same packages.. *sigh*..


Here's to hoping I join you all soon, in the fun?

- Cluck0matiC

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1 hour ago, dark_pyrro said:

What problems are you talking about?!

Reeeelax cowboy.. I don't own one yet, albeit I am HIGHLY excited to get my hands on one. I've been lurking for some time and have dabbled with some home brew options.. So, I am STOKED to get one. I was only hoping to light a fire under shipping to get my label.. that was printed 4 or 5 days ago.. On a box and in the mail.. 

But to answer your question, the top 7 out of 10 posts in this forum are about issues. That to which I was referring, so see them if you are interested in that...

Otherwise, perhaps you could point me in a direction of further resources? I've about consumed all I could find in preparation.


- Cluck

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I don't need to read, I've seen most posts over time. Even before I registered on the forums.

It's possible that some have problems, but that doesn't make it a statistically based truth that the Mark VII is a device with a lot of issues. It's only representing those that is said to have had problems. The ones that hasn't experienced any problems will most likely not post (no surprise). The forums aren't that active either which adds to it all.

Then there's the question; is there really any problem all of the times someone posts? Sometimes, it's just inexperienced users. My experience is that it is a fair lot of users that are not that tech savvy and a lot of the "problems" comes from that. Both here on the forums as well as on Discord, it's pretty obvious that people just don't have the basic skills (not specifically related to Hak5 products, just basic knowledge). That lack of skills will for sure put people in situations that may seem frustrating to them. It's of course OK to not master things at first, but the observation from following discussions is that most questions are based on scenarios that a more skilled user would be able to solve.

It's rather difficult to point you in some direction when not knowing what you've already been reading.

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I couldn't agree more. And that... Is why I've waited all weekend to pass judgement on this device. Because I am NOT one of those individuals.. I'd certainly rather find the solution to my problems without help. 

But alas... Here I am.. Wishing I was still just wishing I had a MK7, instead actually having pulled the trigger on what is CLEARLY a beta product at best. Very disappointed this was put to market, and I was gullible.

What are my issues? Literally the same ones that everyone else have had.. That no one ever answers.. TONS of different issues.. Dropped connections, if I can even get connected at times.. Switches toggled that are ignored sometimes.. Like AP's to be hidden, etc. Lack of modules.. Just very, very buggy and unstable. And I'm not going to elaborate, because perusing here has only learnt me that elaborating is only asking for angered beratement. So suffice it to say, this product just isn't a production product. 


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