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Some Question about wifipineapple mark vii


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Hi guys, five days ago i got the wifipineapple mk vii. I have been playing this days but Its imposible do something. 

I got my handshake of my wifi with default password and used hashcat but zero results. but I dont mind that.

I have a problem that I have read in this forum a others peoples. When I make an fake ap and I start to do deauthenticate all the clients they are not ability to connect to the fake ap without key. I read on other forum that the problem it that the new mobile phones, laptop, wireless cards they can differentiate between 2 network with the same ssid and key. its for that reason its 
impossible that clients can connect to the fake ap because dont have key and the other yes.
So I think that the unique solutions to get a wifi key it with cautive portal but It necessary do all the time ddos attack. Its possible to do ddos attack in mark 7?

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