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Keyboard dead keys


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I just got my rubber ducky and am playing with it joyfully. Now I am from Europe and use a dead keys keyboard layout.

For those that don't know what it is, it means that certain characters (incidentally critical to my script) such as a double quote (or single quote) don't get typed immediately when you press the key. Instead, the next input will determine what happens. So if I type " + a I will get ä. Quite a pain in the ass when you try to define a base64 encoded string variable in a powershell oneliner.

Now I tried going the " + space + [base64 string] +  " + space. But if the keyboard settings does not utilize dead keys, my string will not be correct.

A great thing would be if I could make this script work for both dead keys keyboard as well as non-dead-keys layout. Does anyone have any tips for this?


Thanks and regards

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If you are using a target that uses a US keyboard layout, then that's not a source for your problems. There are more than 3 by the way. Using the JS encoder along with the language files for the Bash Bunny gives you several options. But if you want to get umlaut chars, I would suggest using some language layout that has those chars natively instead.

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