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PineppleVii ebook or printed book

Newbie hoobist

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Bought my pineapple vii 

complete novice 

managed to config and flash firmware to 1.1.1

thank you everybody at HAK 5.ORG for help

i bought it on Black Friday and there was a tap saying free download E book 

I cannot find any links - any suggestions ?

I am happy to pay for a printed copy to support the company but not listed on the site.

any ideas anybody ?

if out of print ,nybisy selling one ?

I am a complete newbie willing to learn

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There hasn't been any ebook/book available for the Mark VII specifically that I have seen. The only ones that I know of in printed form is the one dedicated to the WiFi Pineapple, but that covers the Nano and Tetra (generation 6). Then there's the Hak5 Field Kit Pocket Guide. That as well covers the Nano/Tetra. My experience is that previous books has more or less been the same texts as the ones that are already existing on the docs site (nowadays the help site). So if you want to create your own ebook/book you could print the contents from there. It's much easier though to have it online.

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