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Pineapple Vii root password

Newbie hoobist

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I am new so please be patient. Need some advice 

setup as instructed 

flashed and updated firmware


Asking for root password 

eventhough I have use correct password , it’s not accepting it

where did I go wrong ?

can see hidden both

management AP and open AP

so I logged in via management ap and faced with this problem ….

any ideas please 

I might have set the access list MAC address wrong …. ? I basically allow access to my own wifi AP

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If it's was running the lastst firmware.


On firmware versions 1.1.0 and later, you may reset a lost password by holding the Reset button for 7 seconds or longer. Upon success, the LED will flash a rainbow colour sequence and reboot. After the device reboots, you will be able to login with the password hak5pineapple. You are strongly advised to change this after logging in.


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54 minutes ago, Newbie hoobist said:

Thank you very much. I am in now.

why isn’t this in the instructions ….


The Password Reset was only added recently. And I don't know how old the instruction manual is.

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I'm also new and I ask for patience!... after a long time I connected the mark VII and I don't remember the password. The reset instruction does not work for me, the led light only remains blue...
I don't remember what firmware I was running


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