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Bash Bunny Isn't Installing Directory


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When I plug my mico sd card into the bash bunny and put it into arming mode so I can go into my computer to edit the files it just shows up as a blank usb flash drive with no directories at all, just blank.  Normally I can hit a button on another Hak5 product and the directories and files are made however I am unable to find the button if it exists.  Why wont my bash bunny work?

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5 hours ago, Number91 said:

Why wont my bash bunny work?

As said, post in the correct section for the Bunny. Things you can elaborate next time you post about this in the correct section; What did you expect to happen? What did you expect to see on the SD card? Did it contain anything or was it blank? If it was blank, then it will be blank when you use it with the Bunny. What button are you talking about?

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