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Flashing Red and Green Light


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Hello everyone. I am having a problem with my duck. Originally when I plugged it in, it had a constant Red light.  I looked at the troubleshooting guide, and it said it most likely was the micro sd card or its formatting.  I re-formated the card in Fat32, NTFS, and exFAT none worked. I am running win 11, so I changed to win 10, and Ubuntu no change. I flashed the duck with c_duck_v2.1.hex. Now I am getting a flashing Red and Green. My assumption is that it is not reading the micro sd card. And yes, I have used multiple micro sd cards, 32g and 128… any suggestions?

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2 hours ago, rober said:

flashed the duck with c_duck_v2.1.hex

Go back to stock firmware and try to solve the problems you are facing. Rushing to other firmwares and stuff will probably not help and just make the troubleshooting more complex than it needs to be. You are also moving away from the possibility to get official support since the twinduck firmware isn't stock or part of the original product. Try formatting the Micro SD card with the "official" formatting tool from the SD Association. The Ducky may be picky when it comes to how the Micro SD card is formatted. There should be only one partition, no other "garbage".


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