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Is it possible to control the Wifi Pineapple VII interfaces from a Kali Linux VM?


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I would like to use the network interfaces of the Wifi Pineapple inside a Kali Linux VM running on Windows 10 via VMWare of Virtual Box. Is this possible and if so how would I do it? I am already familiar with using an external wireless adapter with a Kali Linux VM through VMWare, I am just not sure if it is possible to do this with the Pineapple VII and where I should start.

Also, can someone point me to info about installing packages on the Wifi Pineapple in case I cannot get it to connect to the Kali VM? I would like to use some of Kali's tools with the Pineapple.

Thanks for your help.

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I'm reading the first sticky post in this forum section named "Do not post WiFi Pineapple related questions here!" and go "Hmmmm, I wonder why Pineapple question don't get all the answers..."

The Pineapple isn't a WiFi adapter. In what way do you want to use the network interfaces? You could of course connect to the AP's of the Pineapple from a virtual machine as long as the VM has a wireless adapter attached to it. The USB-C Ethernet wired NIC could be passed to the VM if that's what you want to achieve.

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Sorry, I did/do not see whichever sticky post you are referring to and I was in a hurry since I am in the middle of trying something new. I am new to this device and forum and for some reason all I do is annoy people and get sarcastic responses. I don't want to think cyber security professional are all sarcastic, so I will stop asking stupid questions and posting in the wrong spot.

BTW, I was trying to use a wireless interface of the pineapple in conjunction with something like Wifite or Airmageddon because the wireless adapter I use with my Kali VM is very weak in comparison. I'm sure it was a stupid idea and not easily possible, so sorry for asking. I will just buy a new external wireless adapter to use with Kali.

I'll stop asking questions until I am sure I am asking something intelligent in the correct forum. Have a great day.

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