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Pineapple not turning on | Hak5 support not answering


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Hello everyone,

I bought a new pineapple vii from the Hak5 website some weeks ago. It got shipped over the Atlantic in 2 weeks to Europe. I opened the package plugged it into my Ipad but it didn't turn on (no light and no wifi visible). Then I tried it with my laptop didn't turn on as well. Then I went to a local electronics market and searched for a powerbank with 2A and 5V but it still didn't work. I also tried it with a 2021 macbook pro usb-c port. Is there any suggestion that you can make why it's not working. 

I also wrote to Hak5 via their support form on the website (8 days ago) but haven't got an answer yet. Do other people have the same experience that the reply time is that long? On the website it says that they usually take 1-2 days to reply.

Thanks for helping out.


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