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Probe SSID Filter - Mk7


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the Pineapple which I got a week ago but very familiar with pentesting and Wifi.

I have read the manual and searched the web and wanted to ask if I am misunderstanding something or just haven't clicked the right buttons in the correct order.

I want to add to the pool only probes from a specific MAC address i.e. just probes from my phone.

The way I think it should work (from reading the manual) is that I add the MAC address to the Client filter and press Allow. On the SSID filter I leave blank and press Allow.

In the PineAP tab I use and save the Passive tab. I then switch on Scan.

I now get probes from many devices not just my specific phone, the pool looks like a normal Passive Scan.

How can I capture probes just from one device?

What am I doing wrong or not understanding about the Pineapple?


Many thanks,


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So from my understanding the filter list only dictates what can and cannot connect. If you do the advanced option instead of passive mode you should be able to enter the "Targeted Mac" address of what exactly you are focusing in on. I may be wrong so do correct me if so. But whenever I try to do it with Targeted Mac I still get other probes as well. I also notice that others can still see the broadcasted pool even though I set a specific Targeted Mac. I am assuming one of two things. Either A the device needs to be updated(currently on 1.1.1) or B I am doing something wrong but I have tried many different ways including the way OP described as well. Still nothing works to limit to a specific scan for one Target. 

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