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Bash Bunny Mark 2 set up


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I just purchased the bash bunny mark 2 and I am very new to anything coding and hacking related. To give you a run down on how I tried to get started, I first plugged the device into my windows 10 laptop clicked on my device in files “BashBunny(D:)” went to the get payloads tab found a payload online which was the fake windows 10 update to get files downloaded the zip opened the zip in files and copied and pasted everything for that payload I then pasted it to switch 2s payload. I ejected the device the correct way switched it to switch 2position and plugged the device back into my computer the green light comes on but then stays blank and nothing happens. Did I miss major steps that I don’t know about to get started with running this payload. If so can someone please help me get started with using this thing and running any payload. Note: My computer uses notepad for coding should I change my system to something else for this device like Linux or something? 

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I actually don't understand what you mean. Just follow the payload and the scripts used in it and execute each step manually with the Bunny specific stuff removed and check the output of it all. If something fails in that chain of scripts, then you will most likely be able to spot any issues.

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