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So, my shark jack arrived today and Im having fun playing with it. It reminds me of an idea a friend of mine and I had a while back to augment the USB Rubberducky. 

The scenario where the ClusterDuck would be invaluable is: you're on a physical Pen Test, you encounter a Mac or even a Linux machine thats unlocked, you go to plug in your Ducky and realise, "Ooops! My payload on this is for Windows based systems". A ClusterDuck has a switch just like the selector on the SharkJack, but, it has 3 or 4 attack positions. Each position is a different payload, so you could have a Windows, Linux, Mac, maybe an Android payload at each position.  

I don't know how to start designing such a device, but maybe someone on the Hak5 staff does. 

Once you get over the initial hurdle of multiple attack modes for USB, the ClusterDuck(I coined that name), could become a real USB Swiss Army knife. So:

Attack mode/switch position 1 - Windows Payload

Attack mode/switch position 2 - Linux payload:

Attack mode/switch position 3 - Mac Payload

Attack mode/switch position 4 - Android Payload

Attack mode/switch position 5 - bootable Kali ISO

Attack mode/switch position 6 - USB Storage

Arming mode/switch position 7 - For configuration

If it was created, would people buy it? Thoughts anyone?

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