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You have to be careful with ipod linux!! i had it fine on my ipod mini, i decidede to downgrade from Podzilla 2 to Podzilla 1 and now i cant boot into the Apple OS and cant get into Disk Mode.

Its impossible to break your ipod with ipodlinux. (unless your talking about smashing your ipod in frustration) it can all be fixed with the hp formating tool. But that was all in the old days now ipodlinux comes with step by step next>next>finish installations and it will install all addons and stuff automaticly.

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I used the package manager to change Podzilla 2 to Podzilla 1, Didnt Notice that It had Unchecked Bootloader. It goes strait into Podzilla. I plug it into my computer, asks me to go into Disk Mode, I say Yes. Low and Behold... Nothing Happens. If you are going to do It BE CAREFUL (as i said before)

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