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Upgrading SD Card


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I plugged in a new SD Card with a larger capacity and still got the ducky to run my inject.bin script.  With the Twin Ducky Firmware, its functions just fine as a regular 32GB drive, and it only came with a 128 MB card.

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2Gb Max for the MicroSD card. Going over that is over for the Atmel AVR’s limit..


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Atmel AVR’s
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As said, there are reasons to why the Ducky ships with a small SD card. "Storage" is a part of "performance". If the use case involved being able to handle bigger storage volumes, then the Ducky wouldn't be the Ducky. It's perhaps one reason (of many) that the Bunny was born. So, use the Ducky as it was intended out of the box or "hack" it, but accept the downsides of doing it.

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