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Lan turtle 3G - Not available anymore ?


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Hello community ,

I'm new in the forum so please allow me any dumb questions 🙂

First, is it me or it's not possible anymore to buy the 3g version of Lan turtle in the Hak5 webshop ? 

Second , i'm part of a red team in my company and i'm trying to make a proof of concept. The idea is to bring awareness regarding print security and data encryption. I want to demonstrate a man-in-the-middle attack that exfiltrates data via a covert channel ( 3g ) , the target device is a printer. The idea is to capture print jobs that are not encrypted. 

Since printers are connected via ethernet cables , my idea is to use the lan tap pro device : https://shop.hak5.org/products/throwing-star-lan-tap-pro , in order to have a monitoring port available and then use a lan turtle 3g to perform remotely a TCP dump and retrieve the payload.  Is this achieveable ? Can Lan turtle 3g perform a remote TCP dump when connected to the monitoring port of the lan tap pro device ? Or shall I use packet squirrel ?

Have a nice day.


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