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Creators Wanted (Updated)


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If you have ever wanted to make your audio, video, text, or artwork available via the awesome ability of podcasting with out all the hassle of feeds, websites, cost, and the like now is your chance. My little indy media network OrangeW has decided as part of our community action program that we would make a public broadcasting station part of our network. By that i mean user generated content available via the You Can Create feed going out to the world via iTunes. There will be much more to it into the future with the creation of our site like forum sections for each contributor but for now we take almost all the effort out of getting your stuff on the indy media wave. As we like to say "you create and will do the geeky part."

If your interested check out the link below.


BTW there is a 1 time donation cost to get into the network but after that the service is totally free. We only as for the donation because OrangeW is 100% corporate free meaning no ads etc in our content meaning we rely totally on the fans of our shows to keep us running through donations just like PBS :).

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The entire reason of adding that to the post was so if your not wanting to donate the minimal price to get on the network then you don't have to bother reading the entire rest of the stuff. Meaning i don't even want you to click through unless your serious in being interested in the idea. How that can be considered spam is beyond me and bad spam just makes no sense at all.

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Fine if you want to be a high and mighty over a service that i thought was a nice thing for people go for it. I ask a tiny 1 time donation just to get into the service and after that it's free. Technically it's free anyway. All the donation for is to make sure 1. people are serious about making stuff for the network and 2. because i am not able to run OrangeW with out donations. I set this whole thing up as a way to bring in a tiny bit of money for equipment and backend while at the same time offering a creative outlet. I seem to not see where this is bad in anyway shape or form.

Your pretty much sitting here bashing my idea just because A. i charge a donation to start up and B. because i posted it here on a public forum asking for creative people. I am not selling viagra or showing nude pics i am trying to inform people in creative circles about my service and that is all. Everything is all up front and nothing shady. I mention my service and flamed about it because it's some sort of spam. So i can talk about any and every project i am doing but as soon as that project is a service with a tiny donation cost it's spam. That just seems stupid.

Mods feel free to remove this entire thread if you feel it's spam.

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Main Entry: do·na·tion

Pronunciation: dO-'nA-sh&n

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English donatyowne, from Latin donation-, donatio, from donare to present, from donum gift; akin to Latin dare to give -- more at DATE

: the act or an instance of donating : as a : the making of a gift especially to a charity or public institution b : a free contribution : GIFT


Main Entry: 1gift

Pronunciation: 'gift

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse, something given, talent; akin to Old English giefan to give

1 : a notable capacity, talent, or endowment

2 : something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation

3 : the act, right, or power of giving

see #2 if you HAVE TO it's not a donation is a charge and there for this is spam

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Ok so having to give a donation to an organization to get free cookies is some sort of evil plot against humanity then right? That is some marketing genius figuring out a way to steal money from you giving you cookies that are probably poison.

I am doing nothing different that PBS. You give a donation i give a tote bag. See that is not spam or some evil plot it's called public broadcasting a business model that has been around as long as i can remember. Nothing is forced down your throat. You make a donation you get a service in return. Period.

I love how you have taken an idea i though was pretty neat and good for the community and made me out to be some sort of mass marketing ass hole. Yeah the original post was an advertisement with everything right up front so if your not into it you don't click though. Nothing sneaky nothing hidden something i did deliberately as to not make the message Spam. Sure it's an advertisement for a project i am doing but it's nothing more than that.

As i said if it's felt that it's spam or against Hak5 policy remove the thread. I won't care.

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As was shown before the dictionary proves Someoneelse's point and I'll add my commentary below....

PBS still let's you watch their programs even if you don't donate during their, what seems like weekly, pledge drives.

If all you wanted was to donate $100 just to get a stuffed Elmo then it wouldn't be a donation, it'd be a payment for an item.

If you donated $100 to the pledge drive and because of it you were given as a gift a stuffed Elmo, obviously NOT worth $100 quid, then it'd be truly a donation.

Having said that, ShinmaRyuu it's not a donation. It's a one time charge for a service/product. If you let people join and have a choice to donate the one time charge then it'd truly be a donation arrangement.

"Here's the deal" if I went to your door and showed you a brochure. Let's say you really liked it. I tell you that you can have it for free, but you can make a one time donation if you like. You tell me you have no money, I say forget you and leave. That's basically what your doing.


So now your probably wondering where I stand, well I don't. I have no use for the program/service and I don't care either way. I hope it works out for you guys at the site. But suggestions should be taken that it should be called a one time charge NOT a donation.

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Whats funny is i have offered 2 free entries into the network so far just since announcing it. No one bothers to even ask. Yeah the donation thing would be nice so i don't fall 10 grand in dept like a certain other IPTV show host but as of right now i am reworking the pages and setting up an announcement that "You Can Create" will be fully open to anyone for free. The "donation" issue was not something i saw as a problem in coming up with this idea but it seems that it is. This is why things go though beta is to work out issues like this. It is now my naive hope that by offering the service to anyone free of charge will get lucky in finding people who will also help support the network as a whole. It's not worked for any other IPTV Show or Podcast that doesn't have corporate help but i am willing to try.

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