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Login/Password Issues

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Hello everyone.
So, I have a primary account with all my Hak5 orders and all my posts, but instead, I made a new account (which miraculously logs in every time, no problem).
But, I wonder if it's because of my "sales@shadowgaming.network" email instead of my primary business email, I use "sales@spragginsdesigns.com"

Maybe this forum has a backend server difficulty, or even frontend on the HTML page like this, requiring .com only, yet you can register with a .network and login, so it cannot be this:

<input type="email" id="email" pattern=".+@globex\.com" size="30" required>

Either way, I always have to reset my password after a couple of logins, and now I never even get the "reset my password" links.
So I have to contact support again, but maybe someone on here knows a solution or possibly works here that could help me?

I know the password is correct. I use Dashlane, make them long and complicated, but I always start my passwords with the site.
So, for example, my password could be !t!zH#dbh8!si7L@, or it could be Hak5!t!zH#dbh8!si7L@

I chose the latter because then, if I come into a rare instance like this, I know for dang sure I have the correct password and email. Especially with this site, I have had to make secure notes every time I reset my password, but as I stated earlier, I cannot even do that anymore.

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8 minutes ago, Tdutch said:

Hi I need some help here. My Gmail account was hacked and password changed. I need to login and google is not helping. I wonder if anyone can help me, the email is oloma4real@gmail.com. you can reach me with the email above.

No. Just no.

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