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What would be the best way to track and loacte rouge radio signals around my house?

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So if I wanted to locate and track down rouge radio/wifi/cell signals around my house, what would be the best way of going about it?  What kind of antenna should I use?  I was thinking of buying a Hackrf but waws curios if I could do so with just an antenna and a wifi adapter.  For instance if I wanted to track down a GPS tracker on my vechile?

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Best way to detect specifically a GPS tracker on a car is to get a GPS Tracker Detector (no joke.) It'll have a sensor that detects strong magnetic fields, because these are almost always attached to the underside of the car using a metal box with neodynium magnets. It will have an audible and/or visible alert when it detects a magnetic field. It will then have an RF detector for verification.

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