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send latest screenshot from Screen Crab to mail


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Since you're posting this in the C2 section of the forum (and not the Crab section); what are you trying to achieve? Sending an email directly from the Crab or in some way get hold of the screenshot on a C2 server and send it using email to some recipient from the server where C2 is running?

Since we are in the C2 section of the forum, it's simply the easiest road to travel to just use C2 only to get hold of screenshots. Why involve email?

If you want to send emails from the Crab directly you are probably up for a bit of a challenge since you have to get under the hood of the Crab and add stuff. It's not the easiest thing since it's not regular Linux but some Android "hybrid" with a lot of regular tools and commands missing that you might expect from an ordinary distro. You could try to get sendmail or curl onto the Crab as static binaries and send things directly to some SMTP server or use some email service online that is http/web based. If you need to use base64 encoding to send attachments you also have to expect the process to be rather time consuming since base64 encoding a screenshot with the power of the Crab will take a while. OK, the previous sentence is a lie. It isn't at all time consuming. Running the base64 encoding of a regular Crab screenshot is pretty fast on the Crab. It just takes time if you are displaying the encoding on screen as you are connected to the Crab over serial. If the output is redirected to file (using either base64 or makemime) it's encoded in the blink of an eye.

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