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Just bought the rubber ducky nothing happens


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I have reformatted 2 sd cards i have and this script does not run
REM Type Hello World into Windows notepad. Target: Windows 95 and beyond. Author: Darren
DELAY 1000
STRING c:\windows\notepad.exe
i've tried using the duckyencoder as well as the jsencoder but neither have worked when the ducky is plugged in it makes the noise saying that it has been plugged in on my desktop but then nothing happens the script doesn't run nor does the led flash even when i plug in the ducky with no sd card the led does not flash when i remove the ducky with the device manager open it flashes white for a second 

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If you open device manager. 

In that it show as no drivers found for this. 

Then do this stuff. 

Watch this video carefully and instead of c_duck file use duck.hax file. Also all other steps are same. 

Note : Watch this video very carefully and don't miss any stap otherwise you will get errors. 

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