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Captive portal for Hidden AP


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You have to describe more in detail what you are about to do. How can a captive portal be an evil twin? What wifi password are you trying to get? I hope you end up describing the scenario in a way that won't make the law enforcement interested in any of your plans. Remember that this is a white hat forum primarily targeting Hak5 devices, not some black hat hacker (wannabe) generic forum with nefarious content.

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An Evil Twin and a captive portal is to different things usually. A captive portal is just that, a portal that stops people from going online without authentication (Think McDonalds here).
It *can* be a part of a evil twin setup, where you get people to enter email / creds before letting them go online. Or, deauth them to get them to jump onto your network (Evil Twin), and prompt them for their wifi access code, using a cloned router page, looking like their ISP / Router model.

There's a tool called Airgeddon that has plugins for this, but you will have to make your own custom router page before it works, and it's not a do-all-catch-all solution...
Remember, responsible use applies here, don't run around hacking thy neighbours stuff 😉 use it on a test network, with permission 😉

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