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Australian Phreaking.

wh1t3 and n3rdy

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Ok.....after reading some old text files and watching BSoD i have gained some interest in the world of phreaking. Un fortunately most sites and info is american based and I live in Australia so it's not real helpful. WOuld just llike to be pointed to some nice resources and some tips. I am not asking for all the good because I want to learn it for myself but the initial data barrier is killing me.

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Hey im not sure if this will help but most phreaking in the oldskool sense wont work on modern phone systems. Some stuff still does but it wont get you anywhere, kinda cool to hear it work though. So First find out how the phone system is set up and if its possible.

their is a Aussie site dedicated to phreaking that will come up in the first page of googling phreaking. Im not gona do that work for you ive used it before though.

I would personnaly suggest jsut reading up about it and really getting into cellphone, bluetooth, and Voip ::hacking/phreaking/ect. Since it is essentially what phreaking has evolved into and is still relevant outside of third world countries and isolated areas where unfortunately is almost the only place traditional phreaking techniques can still be used.

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