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Q. on Pineapple, with a possible solution


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I received my Pineapple Mark7, this month, I turned it on set it up, it worked then I placed it back in the box.  I purchased the device for school as I am in a master of Science Program for Cyber Security at St Bonaventure University in upstate NY (on line program).


My issue:

The device will not allow me to use the password i changed it to (I wrote it down.... I know it is correct).  It also will not allow me to use the factory default password (yes I used the underscores).  I then attempted to do a factory reset nothing... Then I attempted to do  a factory restore with tie downloaded image (the correct one for the Pineapple Mark7), nothing. 

When plugged in, it will after after a minute or so it connects to the internet and ask for the password.

Can I return it for a working Pineapple Mark7?  or can I pay you or your company to: 

1) permanently remove any and all passwords, I will sign any waiver for that? 


2) can I pay you or your company to  make a thumb-drive that self-executes a factory reset image when plugged into the Pineapple Mark7 USB port (and obviously it would be connected to a power supply too.?

Thank you,

Paul G.

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I can't see the need of creating multiple threads and orate over the same subject (my count is at 3 right now). If the Mark 7 is faulty, just create a Hak5 support ticket. And, instead of suggesting things that will never happen (that Hak5 will change the product in accordance to the will of a single user/customer), just describe the problem in detail and every step that is taken so that members of the forum can get a picture of which steps that are taken and which are not. In the absolute majority of cases, the problems are user related. In one of the other threads (on the same subject), there are even references to Mark V setup instructions, so I'm not at all surprised that things are failing.

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