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Pineapple mk7 5g compatible adapter - all sold out. Any non-official ones work?


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Hi All,

It seems that all the "officially" compatible 5g adapters are sold out everywhere, even Ebay. Hak5 has been sold out of the MK7AC module for a very long time.

my question is - has anyone been able to use a different adapter (maybe on the wiki listing) with the MT7612U chipset and gotten it to work successfully for recon? I wanted to ask before buying a couple off that list and having to return them after trial and error.



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Foxtrot said this in another post:

"Any MT7612U based adaptor will work out of the box with the latest WiFi Pineapple firmware.

Other MT76-driven adaptors will work with the right packages installed, which you can obtain from the Packages page in Modules -> Packages. (Such as the MT7610U based devices requiring the "kmod-mt7601u" package)."

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