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Hak.5 Mini Arcade Cab


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Hey all,

I found Hak.5 on Torrent a few nights ago, and was really interested in the mini acrade cab they showed a long time ago.

I know the clip itself is quite old, but I am going to make it anyhow. Knowing I won't get many replies in the releases section, and this sections on this forum are quite jumbled, please move this if its in the wrong place.

Anywho, I was wondering, did anyone else build this? Also, for Wess, did he have a keyboard/mouse to get to MAME32 after he had booted up Windows (because he turned the machine off)

If anyone else DID build it, any tips? Thanks.

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First off, it's great to see viewers from Torrent. That was quick, it just launched on the 6th. Welcome Canadians (and everyone else bit-torrenting torrent ;) )

There is a mouse plugged in, just incase things get borked but for the most part it's not needed. The system currently boots windows XP straight into MAME32 which has the controls mapped with proper menu support. It works great right out of the box. We'll get flamed for not using KnoppMAME (I think thats the name of the distro) so I'll throw that suggestion out there too if you want to do it with linux.

In episode 5 I believe Wess goes into more detail about the hardware and software of the unit.

I know of a few people that have gotten interested in the do-it-yourself arcade project from the show, mostly on the arcadecontrols.com forums.


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I watched that epiode with interest, but I have way less time on my hands (happens when you get married and have a kid) so I went ahead and saved some time and bought one of those pre-bulit dual controllers from the nice folks over at X-Arcade. You can mod Wess's design for the cab to drop in the dual controller and have a working cab with very little work.

The next step for me will be to go ahead and get a real arcade monitor and video card that supports it.

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  • 5 months later...

I started watching recently(updated DivX and it opened a page with an episode.. been hooked since.) Heard there was a past episode that a mini arcade cab was built, did a little short search for it... found it. I watched very attentivly since I had been looking to do something like this for a little over a year now.

Anyone have any idea where the plans for this thing ended up? :lol:

oh.. and... everyone on the show rocks.. lol one more thing.. hope that hand heals ok Darren

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yeah, I found with a forum search when I searched for episode 4.

I'll admit, i'm no genious... nor am I retarded (though, the state of New Jersey's school district may say otherwise) :lol: But, i'm haveing a bit of trouble understanding the pictures available to download. I see that they're measurments, but can't quite make out what is what.

any help anyone can give me? I'd be more than happy to help create something a little better for people that don't get what they're seeing(like me) when I finnish with it. Possibly some 3d renderings to get a 360 view with flash with the measurements as well. Just an idea. I can do the 3d part no problem, but the flash part i'd need help with.

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