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How to do GUI SHIFT + Simultaneously


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I can't seem to remember what that specific key combination ("GUI SHIFT +") is supposed to do, so it's a bit difficult to guess what you are trying to achieve. In any way, the JS encoder has problems encoding some specific/rare key combos, where the Java based encoder is successful with the same payload script/ducky script. Not sure if that is valid in this specific scenario, but it can be tested at least. It seems that Hak5 has removed the Java encoder from the downloads section of the web site ( https://downloads.hak5.org/ducky ), but it's still available on Darren's GitHub.

Another explanation might be that the key combo isn't supported by the keyboard/language files that are used when encoding. In that case, some changes has to be made so that it can be interpreted by the Ducky in a correct way.

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