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O.MG cable connected to KeyCroc


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Hi all

Been test the O.MG C-to-C Directional Keylogger with the keycroc.

My setup I bought some usb adapters off Amazon one usb coupler usb-A female to usb-A female extension adapter, Two usb-A male to usb-C female. Wireless Keyboard, Logitech is what I am testing with. I have the wireless keyboard adapter plugged into one end of the usb-A female coupler the other end of the usb-A female coupler I have one of the usb-A to usb-C adapter plugged in, now I can plug in the usb-C inactive end of the O.MG cable. The other usb-A to usb-C adapter is plugged into the keycroc, now I can plug the active end of the O.MG cable into the keycroc and plug the keycroc into target pc.

Wifi setup on my O.MG cable I setup wifi as a access point and on the keycroc I change the config file to my O.MG cable wifi access point credentials now the keycroc will power up O.MG cable and connect to the O.MG access point. On my pc or smart device connect to the O.MG cable wifi access point, then open web browser enter O.MG web UI. On the same device open a terminal and ssh to your keycroc ssh root@ No internet access but still send payload from O.MG cable or ssh to keycroc and send payload, keylogging on keycroc and O.MG cable working.

No really purpose to this just wanted to integrate two awesome devices together and access them under one remote device.

Thanks to all


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