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LTE qmi crashes the squirrel with OWRT 19.07(latest update)


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I have been extensively exploring the PS for the last month. During that time I managed to make the PS work with a LTE usb dongle , providing a serial 3g/umts connection successfully.
Everything worked like a charm until I got into situation where I needed stronger signal and decided to move from "serial" to "qmi" protocol (the dongle is DWM-222 A2 and supports it). However, when I try to add the the WWAN VID&PID to the qmi_wwan file it crashes the PS. 

I am placing the usbmode command and json that I initiate to change the mode of the DWM-222 as well as adding the VID&PID to the qmi_wwan file, after which the squirrel crashes.
Will appreciate if anybody has any suggestion on possible ways to overcome this problem.


root@squirrel:~# cat /etc/dlink.json
        "messages" : [
                        "devices" : {
                                        "2001:ac01": {
                                                                "*": {
                                                                "t_vendor": 8193,
                                                                "t_product": [ 32309 ],
                                                                "msg": [ 0, 1, 2 ]
echo -n 2001 7e3d > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/qmi_wwan/new_id 


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