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ISSUES with Factory Re-Set on my new "Pineapple VII"


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ISSUES with Factory Re-Set on my new "Pineapple VII"

Hello, all, brief history: I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity at SBU in New York (on line program). I ordered and received my new Pineapple VII about a month ago and was going to use if for some attacks on my personally owned home network for school. 

NOTE: my computer system's: I tried BOTH and NOTHING  they are: (1) ASUS Laptop/ i7/  32-GB RAM/ 1-TB SSD;   (2) Flight Simulator I built: 16-Core AMD/  128-GB RAM/  4- TB SSD/  NVidia  3090. 


 I set the device up for the first time about a week ago with no issues. I placed it back in the box and was planning to use it last Wednesday for my PEN testing, but.......

     1) The device powered on but  would not accept my password, I wrote it down and also took screen shots and emailed my self  so I did NOT forget it;

     2) I then decided to try the default password, change_on_install, again, NOTHING;

     3) I followed the procedure to the letter for the factory reset, (NOTHING) for the "Pineapple VII" (I made sure it was that one and not the older series);

     4) I then made sure I downloaded the image recovery to my laptop again then attempted to follow procedure again, NOTHING.

I was told by my professor to use ETTACAP on Kali Linux, but he reluctantly said I can use your product and  it worked ONCE and never again....

Please advise...

Thank you,

Paul G.

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