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are both ends active


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The active end of the cable is discretely marked with a USB logo. Plug the active end into a desktop or laptop to attack it. The cable will support USB 2.0 functionality (data transfer & charging) when the active end is attached to a USB host. For mobile attacks plug just the active end into a smartphone or tablet. No other steps are needed, the payload delivery will automatically work just like with host attacks.”

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Looks like only the USB-C side will send the payload. If true then none of these cables will send a payload to an iPhone with the lightning connector. I wonder if adapters would work? Following logic I don't see why not but not sure if a higher impedance would render the cable useless. 

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On 10/16/2021 at 9:56 PM, Deuce022 said:


can the lighting side also send a payload or is it just the usb-c side.

"All USB-C O.MG Cable's come standard with the base features of the standard O.MG Cable plus Enhanced WiFi hardware to increase your range. Keystroke Injection payloads are transmitted out of the USB C connector. When not transmitting payloads, it behaves like a standard USB 2.0 cable. For demos and experimentation, USB-C mobile attacks are another included feature: plug just the USB-C end into a smartphone or tablet. "


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