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how to plug into personal pc without running script


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I'm a complete beginner to anything programming related and I was looking at the ducky. Just wondering, lets say you program it to do something, and then after you've used it you plug it back into your own pc. How do I keep the rubber ducky from doing to my pc what it did to someone else's. 

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You can't. It will run whatever you programmed it to run, o matter what system you plug it into.
That's why, when you program it, you write the attack code and compile it on another machine, copy it to the flashdrive in the ducky. When that's done, consider it armed.
Plug it into target and do it's hing, when you're done, take the flashdrive out, and delete the payload, make another, compile, copy run..again and again..

That's why the Bash Bunny is pretty nice, because it got two payload modes, and an arm mode for programming, so it doesn't run the payloads when it gets inserted, pretty handy 🙂

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