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1337C - IPTV EP2

Guest ABC

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the intro is definitely better, although it took almost 45 seconds to build up to the game footage. Maybe just shorten each of the shots (or make them faster) that lead up to the gameplay.

also, the production quality (video and sound) is better as well. Not stellar, but definitely much more viewable than the last episode. However, the sound was a bit soft at times, like during the screenshot of the Apache website.

The interview was a bit weird with the pictures and voices. I know you probably didn't have the resources to properly record it, but more stimulating images could definitely have been used during that part, or perhaps a video of something else.

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yeah webcams would be preferable for the guests DRC, has one and may be coming on to talk about cooling.

also aloguh it is not confirmed Matt of sploit cast may also be on soon.

yes i have reduced the mic nose so all you can hear is my voice and case fans.

anyone recommend good screen capturer software btw?

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anyone recommend good screen capturer software btw?

For still images, hit the print screen button and paste into any image editor. For proffesional looking video, camtasia studio. Not sure about that Vegas program peopl euse (Its a sony product, try google) but I know Darren and the guys use it for their editing.

If you don't have the programs, but have two pcs with video in/out on each, use one to record the others screens and vice versa sort of like a two vcr hookup.

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