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Mk7 Firmware 1.1.0 client internet performance issue


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I have been testing my Mk7 and I have run into an issue with Client Performance again.  This used to be an issue with an earlier firmware but got fixed. (I think it was fixed in 1.0.1)

Internet is provided by connecting the PineAP to a wifi access point.  The actual internet speed of the connection is 600 Mbps down / 200 Mbps up.

If I connect my test client to the open access point on the PineAP I am getting around 15Mbps down / 10Mbps up.  This is fine.

If I broadcast some SSIDs from the pool and connect to one of those then the client performance is very poor.  It's like 0.3Mbps down / 0.2 Mbps up which makes the internet experience unusable. 

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance




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