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Open Access Point and 5GHz (Alpha card)


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Bought the new Mark 7 and want to give it a try during an assessment at work. Wireless is not a strong area for me.

Looking to spoof an open access point with a captive portal. I have this setup with evil-portal and everything works great from my couch at home (where the actual SSID is very far away). However, in the office, it appears that ALL connections I've tried from a handful of devices connect to the real AP's at 5GHz. So I bought the approved Alpha USB device to get 5GHz.

Running the latest firmware, I was happy to see the "hey, you have an approved device" screen. The device is visible in the GUI as wlan3 and can be selected as the recon interface. Great. I can run recon scans at 2.4GHz, 5GHz or both. My question though is how do I make my open access point operate at 5GHz? I'm only seeing 2.4 GHz (11 channels) from the drop down for the open AP. I'm expecting I'll see everything now in the office but clients will still connect to the real AP at 5GHz (seems to be the case with my own devices that are inches from the Pineapple). I'd love to be wrong about this (really).

Last dumb question...if I change the name of SSID of the open access point and just rely on PineAP to broadcast the SSID, will I fare any better? The captive portal was a bit of a pain to setup and make pretty so I don't really want to abandon the pineapple just yet.

Thank you

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