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EMP-Jammer effects on devices using QUIC


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a project involving a DIY Portable EMP Jammer.

I tested the device on a Samsung S7 (with LineageOS, distance 0.3-0.5 mm). It didn't have the effects I wished for, but some other effects that I think is interesting.

I documented recorded the test with my phone. 

Effects on test device:  

1. Open random applications.

2. Random zero touch button press.

3. Cant no longer connect to wi-fi. LoL

Effects on unintended device (Android 9, distance approx 100 cm):

1. Camera flickers a little.

2. The phone sends an huge amount of QUIC-packages.

3. Gets blacklisted by my DOS-protection on my router.


So my conclusion is:

It seems possible to simulate a UDP overflow attack with electromagnetic fields on devices using QUIC protocol.

The issue:

I have a hard time figure out in which ways and if it's possible to utilize on that reaction. Anyways do anyone have any input on this, or think it sounds interesting?


Best regard


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