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WiFi Pineapple Mark vii factory reset


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Good Morning Guys, i got my Pineapple Mark vii  this morning and wanted to set it up via wifi, i was able to connect to the wifi SSID and i still am but wen i navigate to the IP and port it is stuck on the screen where it is prompting for the setup mode with or without wifi. When i initially turned it on it asked for a short pres without wifi or 4 seconds with wifi. unfortunately my finger slipped so instead of it being a 4second pres it was a quick one. as i don't have the correct USB Ethernet adapters i cant get into the Pineapple via cable. is there a way to reset the device without needing a cable so that i can restart the setup?

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Hi Chrizree, so i managed to get past the firmware update some how, but now im stuck on the press and hold button for 4 sec to verify my device, this seems like it should be a seemingly easy task but it is not working 😱 what am i doing wrong here...

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