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Get Loot ? Gone ?


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So last night we had some family and friends over for my niece getting her Orange Belt in Karate. My office should have been off limits but I did not have the door closed and next thing I knew the kids were playing a card game with my unopened Get Loot deck I had on the shelf next to my Hacker Board game. I was a bit pissed but I thought it was not a big deal I would just get another deck. The page is no longer in the Products section. You can still get to the page by Googling the name then following the link but it is sold out. 

Since it is no longer listed on the main site, is it going away? Gone?

I did enter my email address to be notified when it comes back in stock but I feel I might be waiting for a long while.

Get Loot! - A Card Game for Hackers (and normal people too) - Hak5

Does anyone with knowledge (Hak5 team) know if this is gone or coming back. I would really like a replacement deck for my hack related shelf.

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