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[RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Mark VII Firmware 1.1.x


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This firmware marks a massive release for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII, with a huge set of feature additions, bug fixes and improvements to many aspects of the project and it's user experience. From reliability fixes in PineAP and Recon to the addition of the Package browser and a WPA/2 Evil AP or out of the box support for supported 802.11ac adapters, there is sure to be something in this version for you.

As always, you can grab the update OTA by giving your WiFi Pineapple an internet connection and navigating to Settings -> Software Update in the Web UI.

A huge thank you to the beta testers for this release who provided great feedback and bug reports, you are invaluable and much appreciated! To further join the discussion, feel free to join the Discord chat.

You can catch the full changelog below, and highlights of the new firmware in the second reply to this topic.

Changelog 1.1.1:

  • General
    • Update the Pineapple Python library.
  • Setup
    • Fix a UX issue where the Filter description doesn't show until a mode is selected.
  • Recon
    • Fix an issue where some partial handshake captures would not have enough data to be crackable.
  • Settings
    • Remove the Nightly Update channel.

Changelog 1.1.0:

  • General
    • Add a setup walkthrough dialog when attaching an AC-capable USB radio to the WiFi Pineapple.
    • Improve the displaying of dates from the future in some UI pages.
    • Move warnings into an "Informational Messages" dialog.
      • This new dialog adds more information about system messages, and provides convenient links directly to the relevant setting.
    • Removed bluelog and other bluetooth related tools from firmware.
      • Note: You can now install these packages and more with ease using the Package Manager.
    • Swap PineAP and Recon location in sidebar.
    • Enable SSH earlier in Setup process.
    • Removed polling for Reset button.
    • Add password reset functionality.
    • Notifications
      • Notifications are now previewed in the title bar.
      • Notifications can now be reported as "success", with a green color.
    • Changed to a better download icon.
    • Decrease clutter in title bar for mobile displays.
    • Fix an issue where some kernel modules would cause the device to reboot.
  • Setup
    • Add Sweden to WiFi Country Code list.
    • Fix typo in Client Filters page.
    • Added GIFs to indicate how to proceed with verification.
    • Added the ability to fine-tune filters during setup.
    • Generally improved layout of various setup elements.
  • Dashboard
    • Improved connection error message for "Get News".
  • Campaigns
    • Fix an issue where some reports will use the first Recon scan, instead of the latest.
    • Fix an issue where reports would not be removable.
  • PineAP
    • Fix a crash.
    • Fix an issue where extended Recon scans would lead to a memory leak.
    • Add Sweden to WiFi Country Code list.
    • Fix a hang introduced in the beta which would cause Recon and Filters to show an incorrect status.
    • Change "WPA & Open" tab to "Access Points".
    • Change "Authenticated AP" card title to "Evil WPA AP".
    • Add "View Handshakes" button to Evil WPA AP card.
    • Evil WPA AP handshakes now only send one notification per client.
    • Fix an issue where empty SSIDs would be added to the SSID Pool.
    • Add a new tab for Management and Open APs.
    • Fix an issue where the "Handshakes Captured" counter wouldn't be accurate.
    • Add Evil Twin WPA Access Point.
  • Recon
    • Add a dialog to clarify what a handshake capture does, when clicking "Start Handshake Capture".
    • Fix an issue where handshakes in custom locations couldn't be downloaded.
    • Scan settings are now loaded from the current scan across devices.
    • Added the ability to specify save location for Recon scans.
    • Added the ability to specify save location for Handshakes.
    • Fix an issue introduced in Beta 1 where handshakes could not be deleted.
    • Fixed an issue where the table would become unsorted during a scan.
    • Added graphs for wireless landscape and channel distribution.
    • Moved Settings into a new card, with search functionality.
    • Added the ability to select which radio is used for Recon scanning.
    • Add dual-band scanning support for supported adapters.
    • Add the ability to download handshakes in hashcat format.
    • Improved the user experience for cloning access points.
      • Cloning options can now be fine tuned from inside Recon.
      • Add the ability to clone WPA/2 access points.
    • Fixed an issue where BSSIDs would not be highlightable in some browsers.
    • Fixed an issue where a handshake capture button might show for open APs.
    • Massively improved scanning performance by rewriting result de-duplication logic.
    • Massively improved WPA/2 Handshake capture performance.
    • Changed how partial and full handshakes are written to disk.
    • Fixed a rare crash when scanning in client-heavy landscapes.
    • Handshake MAC addresses are now censored when censorship mode is enabled.
    • Handshake MAC addresses now use colon seperators.
  • Logging
    • Improve default colours for log entries in dark theme.
    • Improve column width for the System Log.
    • Improve parsing of System Log.
    • Added the ability to specify PineAP log save location.
    • Added pagination and search functionality to the PineAP Log.
    • Create a new system module for logging.
    • Add ability to download and search the device system log.
  • Modules
    • Add hot-link support for Available Modules, Package Manager, and Develop tabs.
    • Move search box into table footer.
    • Add a new tab for package management.
      • Add the ability to search and download a wide variety of packages.
    • Improve user experience when the device is offline.
  • Settings
    • General
      • Improve user experience when the device is offline.
      • Added a scrollbar for longer changelogs such as this one.
    • Networking
      • Add a placeholder for when the Pineapple hasn't receieved a Client Mode IP address yet.
      • Add signal strength to discovered Client Mode networks.
      • Rewrote Client Mode handling to improve reliability of connection.
      • Improved reliability of automatic route setting when handling USB Ethernet, ICS, or Client Mode connections.
      • Disconnect button is now disabled after being clicked once.



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AC Adapter Support

With the 1.1.0 release, enhanced support for compatible 802.11ac modules has been added out of the box to enable dual band Recon scans. Upon logging into the UI with a compatible adapter you will be presented with the following dialog. You can then click "Configure" where you'll be able to set the Recon Wireless Interface in the settings. Doing this will stop the dialog from showing in the future, otherwise it will show every boot when an adapter is connected.


Package Manager

To make the vast library of available packages easier to browse and install, the Modules page now includes a Packages tab that allows you to fetch a list of all available packages, and install them with ease.


WPA/2 Evil AP

The new WPA/2 Evil AP feature allows you to clone an access point discovered in Recon, enabling you to spoof an AP with a PSK you've already recovered, or with a default passphrase to trick clients into associating with the real passphrase, recovering enough of the 4-way handshake into a convenient .pcap or .22000 format file to crack with tools like aircrack-ng or hashcat.


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Nice improvements with on bug so far. Continuous Recon stops on it's own now after several min / hours. Started continuous recon and returned 30 min later to find the slider now in the off position and the recon file available for download. Retried several times with the same result. 

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30 minutes ago, sbaumeister said:

I have been unsuccessful at getting the update OTA.  Is there an alternative way to install the update?




Yep Steve. There is a way to do one.


And the download file is here.


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I was setup and was doing my thing and I was going through the packages and having a hard time understanding what was what because there's not much up a description tbh. But thats besides the point and not the reason I'm even here rn. I was doing this on my phone in my web browser and I accidentally hit openwrt nodogsplash Hotspot gateway install when i totally thought it was something else. Didnt want to rip the usb out and figured well ill be able to remove it...nope. Immediately its messed up my morning. I can still connect to management ssid and the open ssid and can get it connected to my computer through USB ethernet, but I cant get in the web interface. Its redirected me to the dang splash screen no matter what ive tried. I cant find anything online of much help and it appears my only solution then is a firmware reset? I know theres got to be a way to login or who the heck would want this package? But the documentation is weak and my heads about to explode. Any help would be great. If flash recovery is my only option,  well it is what it is, but I do have to ask why? There needs to be a reset function like the nano and tetra in my opinion because this is way too much for a product over $100, way too complicated and time consuming. Maybe one day we can get some functionality like holding the button down for 7 seconds like past products? Right now that would be so nice? Ill settle though for some help to reverse this situation if at all possible before I flash recover the thing...


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  • Foxtrot changed the title to [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Mark VII Firmware 1.1.x
  • 2 weeks later...

So I came here since I've had a lot of problems since the update, and it seems others in this thread have had the exact same issues as me. APs not showing up in recon, buttons changing state, and a few other issues. Have these been addressed or will there be another update? 🙂

My current issues are:

* APs not showing up

* No handshakes are captured ever

* Recon slider keeps resetting

* Popup messages can't be closed

* Sometimes the reboot/shutdown message is empty and can't be closed or clicked

* Browser console has a bunch of error messages that keep spamming

* At times the whole UI just becomes unresponsive

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Figured I'd update a bit today after experimenting some more. I did a firmware reset of the device, hoping it would solve my issues. It did not. I couldn't find a way to NOT update to the latest firmware so the issues came back. 

This is the browser console at any point in the Pineapple Mark VII interface.



And this is when I press certain buttons, like Reboot or Shutdown.


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Hi @jderp

Thanks for the bug report. It would seem that all of the issues you are describing stems from one thing: the UI seems unhappy, which after some error is causing other elements (like buttons, recon data) to not load. I'm not quite sure what is causing the error yet, but I'll continue to try and debug it.

I appreciate the screenshot of the browser console, was there any more? Could you describe how you've configured your device and what browser you're using?



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On 9/13/2021 at 3:46 PM, Foxtrot said:

Hi @jderp

Thanks for the bug report. It would seem that all of the issues you are describing stems from one thing: the UI seems unhappy, which after some error is causing other elements (like buttons, recon data) to not load. I'm not quite sure what is causing the error yet, but I'll continue to try and debug it.

I appreciate the screenshot of the browser console, was there any more? Could you describe how you've configured your device and what browser you're using?



Did some more testing to try and provide a bit more info.

* The config is default. Firmware reset and updated to latest version (v1.1.1), then connected to my Wifi, tried a few different settings by picking USB-tethering etc, but it makes no difference.

* Connecting through the Management AP makes no difference

* Browser is Chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)

* OS Ubuntu 21.04 if that helps

* Another screenshot of the console in Chrome (basically the same info though, but this really keeps spamming constantly on the recon page)



* Using Firefox instead makes it worse. It doesn't even ask me for a password it just gives me an empty page, probably a view/template with no data.


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  • 3 months later...
On 8/18/2021 at 5:17 PM, deathvegetable said:

Airodump-ng doesnt display in the webshell but works fine in ssh and when i ssh into the pineapple and run airodump-ng wlan1mon i can see access points and clients just fine. Its only in the web interface i see no access points

I did a firmware reset and chose the stable firmware problem is gone.

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  • 2 weeks later...
2 hours ago, dark_pyrro said:

What do you want in an update? Updates are generally not time based, but based on need.

Adding features, upgrading components etc.  plenty of reasons to update it.   Noone wants to buy an easily updatable system to sit there and not have any additional goodies added to them over their lifecycle.   Its shit practice to not add stuff until the next hardware iteration is released. 

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On 1/25/2022 at 1:03 PM, dark_pyrro said:

What features? What components? It's been 4 updates since the product release, so I don't get the "shit practice".

ok, we get it. you're a fanboi who won't hear any bad things about it. 

features? There are loads of peoples posts on this forum from people making suggestions.  I don't see how it is relevant for me to say what I want specifically. 

I am aware of how many updates there has been.  I am able to read.   

1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.0 and 1.1.1.  

2-3 of those were mainly releases specifically to address bugs.   1.1.0 was more substantial but again, it was mostly bug fixes but yes a few added features.


also I wasn't calling Hak5 as being 'shit practice' i was saying that the practice of saving all new features to add to the next hardware version is a dick move.  HOPEFULLY Hak5 won't do this (not sure if they've got form for doing that as I've not followed the product in previous versions)


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I'm so happy I was finally classified as a fanboi. It has always been my goal in life and now I won the Oscar! I'm all open to hear about bad things, I'm a user too, but when things are ventilated in ways that is too vague, I need to ask. Being specific is a good thing and when it becomes too blurry, it's just some kind of general opinion based on "something". And... "we"?! Is there some kind of club that collectively is passing judgement on Hak5 forum users?

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