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USB HID Mouse emulation with Bash Bunny

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I'm wanting to use the Bash Bunny's USB HID support to investigate and diagnose a mouse problem I'm experiencing on several of my computers (the Windows 10 "floaty mouse" problem).

As far as I can tell, the Bash Bunny makes it easy to send HID keyboard messages, but not HID mouse messages - even less-so with precise timing information - or with precise control about how to respond to each host's HID poll message.

Has anyone done anything like this at all? Is this even possible?

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1 minute ago, Jtyle6 said:

It would be difficult with screen resolutions.

Whyso? All I want to do is basically write a mouse-movement-script which would be played-back as raw HID mouse movement messages - but what makes this different from a typical mouse-movement macro is that I want to find out how much wait-time is elapsed between sending the HID packet and the next poll-get message from the host (as this is where I believe the Windows 10 floating pointer issue lies) - I tried to do this with my Arduino/SparkFun boards but there's a bug in the Arduino hardware that prevents using the high-precision timer and USB HID at the same time.

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