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Lan Turtle SSH dont conect


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I have a LAN Turtle SD, im trying to create the SSH session to and i get a Connection Time Out.

Inside ifconfig i dont see any eth0,  i try to reset the LAN Turtle using a jumper but dont work.


Any other way to make it work?


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8 hours ago, chrizree said:

What interface of the Turtle do you have facing the computer that you are trying to ssh from? USB or Ethernet? What OS are you using (something Linux based I assume since you mention ifconfig).

Im connect the USB and the Ethernet cable. I try in ubuntu and windows and is the same problem the conection to can't stablish.


I see with this kind of problems the solution is to factory reset the LAN Turtle. My LAN turtle dont have buttons so i try to reset with a jumper but dont reset.



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19 hours ago, chrizree said:

OK, in what way are you not successful in resetting the Turtle? At what step does it fail?

Is the Turtle getting any IP address from the network to which you are connecting the Ethernet side?

I use the jumpers to try the reset, but nothing happens.

No, the turtle dont get any ip addres from the network i connect.

When i buy the turtle and i make a ifconfig could be able to see the interface eth0.

but now i can see the interface.



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