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Rubber Ducky - attack Issue - data not being created


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I have just received RD.  The results from the "attack" are not saving completelly (email, USD or HDD with specific PAth.  Also the atack itself is looking weird.
After insterting RD to Windows 10 computer is trying to open notepad, also downloading latest files which were already downloaded (Chrome). Also it is clicking in random places. 

what I did was:

1. went to https://ducktoolkit.com/payload/windows#
2. created BIN cointaining:
Computer Information + Screen Capture

also marked to SAVE results  to local disk (C:\RUB - folder was created)
tried with an email and also with saving to USB drive. No results was found.

What am I doing wrong?

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Then you might face problems since the Ducky thinks that it acts as a keyboard that doesn't match your target PC. Shortcut keystrokes won't always do the intended operations and therefore might mess up the execution of your payload.

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