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Looking for WiFi adapter recommendations.


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My VERY old Alfa 1W finally gave out, and my 2W is starting to act up. What is everyone else using now days?

The tech has changed a lot, and even basic devices seem to be on par with these old adapters (even when over driven), so…


  • USB 100% Must
  • All the newest bands (a,b,g,n and so forth), but don't need crazy speeds.
  • Must be 100% airmon-ng and Linux compatible of course.
  • Detachable antenna(s) are a must (MIMO preferred, I THINK).
  • High power capable (I think I still want this, but I could be talked out of it), sometimes you can hear, but they can’t, so…

I don’t care about size, power consumption and am open to costs (would like it to be under $200).

I am VERY out of date, so I don’t really know what’s good anymore. Does Alfa still make good devices? I see they have an AWUS1900 that LOOKS like it checks the boxes but...

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It depends what you are going to use it with in terms of OS. It's less about manufacturer and more about chipsets and well written drivers. Since you are asking on a Hak5 related forum, I would go with something based on MT7612U (it's the recommended AC compatible chipset for the WiFi Pineapple Mk7). I've seen it being "recommended" by dragorn as well (the man behind Kismet that truly knows wireless).

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Kk, seeing lots of very inexpensive options there, checking around.

I only use Linux, so no worries about Windows, Mac or Android.  Any love or hate for the Realtek RTL8812AU or RTL8814AU?  I will look around of course.


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Alright, so that device has a virtual CD with drivers, and no other ID shows up in dmesg, might be a DOA, but the virtual CD is enough for me to recommend against that device if anyone is looking at it in the future!


On the hunt again.  😕

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