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Wifi Coconut?


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I have seen in the past the Wifi Coconut on Glytch's Van

I have not noticed that Hak5 now has merch in the store with one of them being a sticker for a Wifi Coconut

Anyone have any info on this ... like release date? What it actually is? (Is it like the Wifi Coconut on Hackaday or will it have more features in normal Hak5 fashion)?

Last is there a price range that has been leaked. Getting ready to upgrade my Pineapple to the MkVII but since my MkV is still working and the Coconut might be out soon, I might wait and but other things on Hak5.


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Nothing relevant has been leaked yet (what it is, price, release date, etc). There are (of course) a selected few that knows what it's all about. For the ones not in that circle of trust, "sit and wait" is the strategy.

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That is what I figured. Was hoping for at least a potential release date so I can be there with the curser on the order button.

I feel like a horse being led by a hanging carrot. 🙃

TY @chrizree

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