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Question about TXT exploit file


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Hi all,

I am a real noob trying to figure out metasploit en pentesting. In my lab environment I have a machine that seems to be vulnerable to the following exploit: https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/21314

This exploit can't be found in metasploit but I can find it in searchsploit on my kali machine. I found tutorials on how to import by copying the files to de metasploit directory. However the file for this exploit is a .TXT file, alle metasploit files are .RB files. Does that mean this exploit can't be used from within metasploit? Or do I have to take some extra steps to import it?

Any advise is welcome :)

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Don't know if you've worked this bit out yet, but all you downloaded was a copy of what was there on screen.


To get the exploit, you need to download the tgz file from GitHub, decompress it, and then read its readme file for instructions on how to use it.


Are you sure this is the right vulnerability? This isn't a beginner level exploit.

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