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Camera Image Data Extraction


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"jhead" : Edit EXIF data in jpeg images. Also allows you to get the

original thumbnail from the images


So, what do I care? Ok. I am going to tell you about a little command

line tool that will let you change, edit, remove private data from

your camera images, or if your a pervert, retreive the original

thumbnails from all the "pron" you got on your pc.

Jhead is a program to extract EXIF info from images, but more

importantly, retreives the ORIGINAL thumbnail image from cropped

or edited images, if they are still embedded in the file. The easiest

way to see if your image has stored the EXIF info is right click on

one any picture and go to the SUMMARY tab and click ADVANCED. If you

see your Camera data there, like the Make of your camera, model, ISO

speed, etc, then you have EXIF headers in the image. If your image

says "Creation Software" and its not something like Photoshop, but

says DigitalCamera, then chances are your image contains the

original thumbnail fromwhen the picture was taken.

Ok, so lets say your on a forum, google images, myspace, or

someones personal page and you notice little cropped images

or edited artwork from a photo they took. You can save the image

to disk and get its properties to see if it has any data to extract.

If its saved with Photoshop (i think 7.0 and older) or says

DigitalCamera as the software, then there is a good chance you

can still get the original thumbnail, which may contain all

sorts of interesting data. The most famous of these finds was

for Cat Swartz, a certain TV host who took photos of herself

topless and cropped the image for use on her site. The photos

were saved with the original thumbnail in the picture, and thus

was extracted and blown up for your viewing pleasure. (pervs..anyway)

Check out the site for jhead:


and its command line instructions for removing private info:


I have also made a quick bat file to automate the Thumbnail

extraction (if it exists) for you, so if you want to you can

download the rar file from my site:


Just wanted to add: http://www.hutta.com/thumbs/tech.html

He has made some scripts to auto download them from google and extract the data on the fly.

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