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Shark Jack vs. LAN Turtle


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Hello everybody!
First of all, I'll say I'm sorry if that's a dumb question: that's gonna be my first step in the Hak5 gear and I couldn't find any "concrete" difference about those 2 products.

I was thinking about buying a LAN Turtle or a Shark Jack, but I can't find anything about the software differences. The only thing I was able to find is that the Shark Jack is battery-powered, so it's better for an "on the go" check while the LAN Turtle is better for a semi-permanent environment, but what about the payloads? Are they exchangeable (or are there similar versions)? Is there a big difference in variety?


Thanks for the help,

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No need to be sorry and the question isn't dumb. As you say, the Shark has battery and is portable. You could make the Turtle portable as well, but not really how it's intended to be used. By using a power bank you could make it "portable" in a way. In that mode, it will only allow to use one of the network interfaces since one is "blocked". On the other hand, when the Turtle is used the more normal way, it has benefits over the Shark since the Turtle has two network interfaces and therefore can act as a man in the middle. The LAN Turtle (the version available now) also has extra storage by using an SD card. The payloads/modules aren't straight away interchangeable.

I'm not sure what sources of information you have had this far, but reading the descriptions in the shop, reading the docs and also looking at the payloads and modules will add some knowledge about the capabilities of each product.




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