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Bluetooth Keyboard


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First of all, it needs to be a USB Bluetooth adapter. It will of course not be possible with an internal/onboard Bluetooth adapter since there is no way to "MITM" such a device using the Croc. Kind of obvious, but just to clarify.

Sadly there's no pass-through of USB based Bluetooth adapters. For example, when using the "Hak5 branded" Bluetooth adapter (Qualcomm CSR8510 chipset) it never enumerates on the host and isn't detected by the Key Croc as a keyboard either, (LED never turns off and the KEYBOARD command on the Croc returns "MISSING"). It doesn't matter if it has been paired before putting the Croc in the middle or not.

The Bluetooth adapter is enumerated by the Croc though when attached, but that doesn't help much if you want to exist in between the keyboard and the "victim" device.

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