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Want to test live panel on my families restaurant


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I purchased a kit of phishing pages and there are a couple of files that are Live Panels (phishing page that allows user to control from panel which form target sees next, ie password error page, form to enter otp code etc), that would normally be uploaded to a domain. I’ll attach a video of a live panel I’ve found. 

My question is would one of these Live Portal pages be uploaded to the MK7 Evil Portal and be able to actually function correctly? Been learning a lot about cyber security during this pandemic and was able to crack one of the wifi passwords of the motel we own 😎 Now I want to see how vulnerable my family and employees are. 

Would one of these pages work well with the MK7? Any tips are appreciated! 

live panel demonstration here (link only good for 30 days. Feel free to scan):

Live Panel Video

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25 minutes ago, chrizree said:

won't click any links by first time posters, however, you can compare those Live Panels to the already existing evil portals made by kleo and make your own opinion if it's possible or not, I doubt they will work "as is"


Well I’ve been reading through this forum a bit and have seen your contributions so I’ll click your link lol. I tried to just post the video but couldn’t figure out how without having a link. 

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Generally speaking that would probably be determined by the dependencies of those portals and whether or not the MK7, and specifically the Evil Portal module, (as an OpenWRT derivative) is able to fulfill these. The video does not tell anything on how things work under the hood.


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