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windows xp hates me


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hi guys i recently tried to change my operating system to Ubuntu but i failed mainly because my laptop over heat and shut down on booting up from the windows cd (i know this because when i heald the laptop out of an open window in the cold attic windows installed and after that i was to scared to try format that) anyways

i managed to install windows but its a copy of my original win xp pro and damn it i forgot the Sn so i had to find on on the net. thank to crapy windows vista that i cant even install on my laptop i need to authenticate my windows to get any updates. the reason i wont updates for the evil Microsoft is because i have itunes and after effects which both think there is something wrong with direct x?? itunes says that i need dirext x or later which i have and after effects crashes when i try to import images and when i try to save.

Q is there a reason why this is happening and can i get updated safely with out then screwing up my very unstable windows??

ho btw i'm a noob so any instructions should be quite detailed

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Its just windows genral problems in one big go. Alot of people get these problems just not at the same time.

You say you laptop overheats, what type and speed is it and the type of cooling system you have on it mite come in handy

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Your laptop would have come with an XP license code on a sticker, on the manual or you will have a recovery CD somewhere. Use that, or contact the people who sold it to you. MS as a last chance.

If it is overheating, you might need to open it up and remove the fluff from the heat sinks.

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ok i feel real stupid now. there is a sn at the bottom of the laptop. sorry about my horrific punctuation i'll try being a bit clearer in my sentences.

so i have an hp pavilion dx 1000.

i have windows xp pro rinning on it with a random sn not the one under my laptop

the sn at the bottom of my laptop if for home edition so i cant just change the sn

and i need updates

so the question would be can i update with out getting screwed my Microsoft

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